Copies of reports are available for pickup at the Police Department payment window. You must first call us at (304) 453-1411 so the copy will be available when you come by. Incident reports are generally available for release within one to three working days, and crash reports are generally available within three to five working days. Factors such as ongoing investigations, officer’s days off, and system issues sometimes increase the time it takes to release a report.

Report copies cost $20 per report. We accept Cash or Credit Cards. Sorry, we no longer accept personal checks.

You may also purchase reports online. CLICK HERE to purchase a report online.

To reach an officer, please use the “Contact” link at the top of the page or on the Home screen you will see the officers names listed along with their email and direct phone number.

Crime tips can be left through the following means; anonymous tips can be left by calling (304) 908-9199 or submitting them online at

Both the phone line and the online tips are checked several times daily. Information collected from these sources is passed on to the appropriate division or unit, internally.

If you would like to thank or commend a police officer for a job well done, you can either contact our Chief’s Office directly by calling 304-908-9335 or using our online form by clicking here. Your comments will be passed on to the officer, Mayor and Council, and this way a record of your gratitude or compliments can be placed in the officer’s personnel file.

The sex offender registry is maintained by the West Virginia State Police. Inquiries can be made either by calling 304-528-5555, or online at

If you have received a traffic, arrest, or parking citation, and have questions regarding the fine or court date, you can contact the Municipal Court Clerk at 304-908-9600 between 9:00 am – 2:00 pm, Monday – Thursday. The police department is unable to answer any questions related to fines and fees.

If you would like to pay your fine now, CLICK HERE.

The short answer is NO! Our officers are only able to respond when there is a threat involved. If they are threatening to harm you or themselves then, YES an officer can be dispatched.

When an officer try’s to use scare tactics on a juvenile, one or both of the following happen.

  • The child doesn’t really learn anything and while it may work that time, as the parent they will not respond to your demands in the future as the officer is the one doing the discipline.
  • The child grows up scared of police officers. This is the absolute last thing we want to happen to a child. We want children growing up to understand we are here for them when they need us.

There are many resources available to parents who need help with kids who act out or refuse to listen. You can CLICK HERE  to read some very helpful tips from that will really make a difference. Another great article is HERE.

Remember that google and other parents are sometimes your best resource. If all else fails, it may be time to speak with a professional. You’re family doctor may have some ideas, but most importantly, they can refer you to someone who specializes in this area.

If you would like to inquire about hiring an officer to work an off-duty detail, call (304) 908-9335. Chief Poston will be able to assist you.

We follow a strict privacy policy. We will only provide information as to wheather or not someone has been arrested or in our jail if they have given us written permission.

Depending on the charges, we may take an arrestee to the Western Regional Jail. You can call them at 304-733-6821. You may also do an inmate search by clicking HERE.

If your vehicle was impounded due to a traffic stop, you must have an impound release authorization from our department. When you arrive to get your release, you are required to present a VALID driver’s license, registration and insurance certificate.

If you do not have any of the above, you must take the proper steps in order to get this information. If your information was left in your vehicle and you need to retrieve it, please call our communications center and a representative will direct you to the proper tow company location. While they will not release your vehicle at that time, they will allow you to retrieve the documentation needed in order to get a release from us.  All documentation will be verified through the proper state systems and channels before your vehicle will be released. Please call (304) 908-9911 Option 1 to inquire about vehicle releases.